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31 Manitou Dr.

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Order your holiday lasagna now.

check the catering menu for sizing & prices.


 Since the construction is due to continue into the winter we have

changed our hours and menu to better serve our customers.

Nostra Cucina is now open for lunch Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm.

We are available for catering for dinner and Saturdays. 

Please allow at least 48 hours notice. 

We work on a first come, first served basis, so you can never order too early.

Email to inquire.



Although the Manitou bridge is closed, you can reach us from Fairway/Courtland or from Wilson via Webster. 


don't fret the traffic,
call to have your lunch delivered right to you...

519 748 0504!


...all you need is love...



Serotonin — a chemical released after eating carbohydrates (sugars and starches). It enhances calmness, improves mood, and lessens depression. Serotonin is made from the amino acid tryptophan. High levels of serotonin control appetite and satisfy cravings. 

 Need lunch for an office meeting?  Call us!!  

Impress your boss.  

Impress your clients.  

Impress your co-workers.  

Nostra Cucina for all your business catering needs.





do not scoll down if you are hungry

the following pictures may make you even more hungry.  

if you find yourself having a hunger attack and need help

call 519 748 0504 immediately.




Regarding the back door...

for those who loved and miss the back door, it's still here, we've just made some changes, you now use the front door, the service is casual and the menu has been combined with the Nostra Cucina menu, but we're still licensed and care just as much about the food as we did.  Looking for some good homemade Italian food?  Try Nostra Cucina's front door!



"amazing sandwiches!"

"Love the veal sandwich, it's super tastey and big enough to share! A must try!" - FoodieCaitie TripAdvisor review

"best veal sandwitch I have ever had" 

"Went to this great little restaurant for lunch on a recommendation of a co worker who eates here every week. ...When our two sandwitches arrived we were both surprised at the the size, I consider myself a big eater and could barly finish. Great fresh ingreadents and very tender veal. Also the tomato sauce is to die for and homemade... Very big recommendation can't tell you how good the food was." - Luke P TripAdvisor review

"great for takeout" 

"... the Veal Parm (hot loaded style) is AMAZING - one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. That said, I ordered 'to go' for lunch, which seems to be the thing to do. There are ample tables and places to sit, ...A great little jewel that you cen easily pass by unnoticed (as I have been doing for 4 unfortunate years)!" -  Stuart C TripAdvisor review


"My food loving friend Sandra introduced me to the next addiction… The Veal Parmesan Sandwich at Nostra Cucina."

"Don’t blink or you will miss it. This unassuming shop in what seems like an industrial plaza is home to heaven in your mouth. The sandwich is HUGE and I was sure I would never finish it…and then it was all gone. SO GOOD! The caesar salad is also a must have if you have room...The food is Italian and FANFREAKINGTASTIC! ... Now I am hungry…" - Posted by  in Pairings



Did you can now eat in at Nostra Cucina?  

We're open until 7pm Tuesday to Friday.  

Don't cook and don't clean up.  

Come see us!

Nostra Cucina, where everything is 'fatto con amore'.


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